What to Know about Child Restraint System

  • Adjust the front passenger seat so that it does not interfere with the child restraint system or child seat.
  • Attach a child seat to the rear seat of the vehicle as tightly as possible so that the child will not wobble or fall forward.
  • Adjust the harness straps on the child seat so that they are free from twists and do not rest against the child’s neck.
  • If the driver’s seat interferes with the child seat and prevents from being installed correctly, install the child seat on the rear seat behind the front passenger seat.
  • Never install a rear-facing child seat to the front passenger seat under any circumstances. When it is attached to the front passenger seat and the airbag deploys, the force will press against the back of the child seat causing a life-threatening injuries.
  • In case you must attach a child seat in the front passenger seat, make sure that it is installed facing forward. Always move the seat as far back as possible because the front passenger airbag could inflate with considerable speed and force.

Child seat usage reduces fatalities by 75%

Use a child seat that properly fits your child.

     Data from Japan Institute for traffic Accident Research and Analysis Center
  • When using a booster seat, always make sure the shoulder belt is positioned across the center of the child’s shoulder. The belt should be kept away from the child’s neck, but not falling off the child’s shoulder.

9 thoughts on “What to Know about Child Restraint System

  1. emzkie

    great tips! thanks for sharing! here in US, its very important to have a baby seat. before they will discharge you in a hospital, the nurse will check on your baby seat number if its one of the recalls, and check if it is still in good condition.

  2. byotipol

    thanks for sharing this. this is what we do every time we get in the car. both of our kids are always in their seats securely fastened for we’ll never know when accidents come…

  3. Jheylo

    thanks for that excellent tip. My kids are grown up now, i mean they’ve outgrown the infant car-seats and they’re using booster seats now.

  4. Pretty Kat

    great tips for parents. In Sweden, you can borrow child seat at the hospital for 6 months. After that, you have to buy on your own.

    Thanks for the comment sis.


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