What Seth Can Do at Eight Months

What Seth can do as an eight month old boy?
My little boy is now eight month old. He just celebrated it last monday as I’ve mentioned in my previous blog. As he turned eight, we’ve noticed a lot of things that he can already do. Seeing it brings us happiness most of the time. But, not all he can do are pleasant to us. It’s kinda scary sometimes.
Here are things that my baby can do at this point of his age.
1. Sleeping in different amusing positions.
sleeping with milk in his mouth and lips
sleeping with art
sleeping while waiting

2. Trying hard to eat by himself.

eating my favorite vegetable, carrot

3. Biting his foot.

4. Standing by himself for a few seconds without holding on to something.
5. Making his first three steps by himself.
6. Uttering words such as nana, ete, tata and dada.
7. And the scary one, climbing up the crib.

I am not anymore confident leaving him inside of his crib with no one watching. Well, what can I do, this is just part of his growing up.

That is all for now. I’ll just update this again once I’ll find a new one. So, hang on there!

Just click the picture if you want to view it in its original size.

5 thoughts on “What Seth Can Do at Eight Months

  1. Sharkbytes

    Oh yes! When our Steve began escaping from the crib I hid out to watch how he did it. He would haul himself up the corner and then drop to the floor on purpose! Needless to say we quickly switched to a toddler bed.

  2. Vera

    It would really be quite scary to leave him unattended if he’s on his crib and specially if he’s awake. My nephew is just 3 months old and I feel like time is moving so fast he’s growing up already! 🙂

  3. christine c mabulay

    i like the idea of posting the latest for seth!nice job and nakakatuwa si seth, lalaki talaga. you see mora man unggoy kong manlambitin sa iya crib oi!bantayan man kaayo!cute ciya!


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