What He Wants To Pursue

It’s been awhile now since we arrived here from our vacation that hubby and his close friend in Cebu hasn’t talk about the business that they are planning. I am not sure if it’s gonna be materialized although at the back of my mind, I think it seems feasible and that it will push through when the right time comes.

On the other hand, I always remember hubby’s friend as a person who is fond of musical instruments and sound percussion is one of it which reminds me again that probably our son is interested as well. That being said, I often times noticed him going at the back of the drums and actually sit and play with it in several occasions after the church service. Now I can imagine that one day I will be looking to get a new set of percussion instruments and someday the house will become a hangout for practice session.

I am hoping that he won’t get that far although at the moment I am not sure yet of what he wants to pursue when he grows up. He just turn 3 years old last week and he already had that interest in his mind or perhaps was it just his curiosity. But if that’s what he wants then we have no choice but to support him.

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