Watching the Barney Show

Two days ago, we had a funny experience when we brought our son to watch the Barney show in one of the mall in the city center. It was our first time to set foot in that mall because it was relatively new so there was nothing much to see and that it only means one thing, not so many crowds shopping yet. And since we are very too early for the show, we decided to roam around and check out what’s inside. The mall was called “The Gate Mall”. I don’t have any idea if it has some meaning at all or just simply being named as it is.

The funny thing was, when we are about to go back to the venue of the show, that we thought it was, we end up walking towards the opposite end then we stumbled into the real venue of the Barney show. So if hubby did not grab our son not to go down the escalator then we would end up going in the wrong place. Anyway, it wasn’t after an hour that the show will start yet we decided to just stay in the place since there was a limited seat available and to have a good spot for our son to see Barney.

The show started after a long waiting and our son likes to stay up front. It seems that he is not afraid of the mascot unlike the one in the other mall that he ran away and cried when we brought him towards Dora and the black angry birds. This time it was him who wants to be in the front then he started dancing and imitated every move of Barney. He just stared on Barney, do his own dancing moves until the show was finished. I’m sure our son had a great day seeing Barney up front and personal.

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