The Modern Society of Technology

When I see kids, as young as 3 years old, holding their own high tech toys and gadgets, I could see a different world which is not the same as on the days when I was growing up. The changes and the huge difference are so evident that most kids now are holding the products of new generations. Modern technology is the norms of young kids and adults alike in the modern society. In fact, you can already transact business and do whatever you want with your own tablet or smart phone.

However, that also has lead to so many unscrupulous activities over the internet and a big attraction for hackers. While at the same time, it also became a big anti spyware business. Sometimes I have doubts that those who sell the antidote may be the same people who made the virus and malware. And now some had made it a career already that could bring them a take home pay of at least six digits in cold cash. Well, that’s how the new world with modern technology revolves around its own self and life.

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