The Modern Life with Technology

Kids nowadays are more independent than before. They seem to know what is really good for them considering their age. This I guess is probably due to the influence they get from new breed of educators in schools, school medical staff who are now more active in educating the school children regarding the benefits of good dental hygiene. They go room to room, giving small talks about the importance of optimum dental health, they do role playing skits for the kids, film showing and distribution of free dental products that they could use to try on what they have just learned.

Recently, a friend of mine took his son to their dentist and as usual his son is at ease since they frequent in the clinic to have a quick check on how he’s doing with his brushing and flossing. Doing it really helps in eliminating the fear of the child of dentists. And the dental clinics nowadays are friendlier with ergonomic chairs that are so comfortable sitting on it, just like you are in your home recliners that are so easy, soft and relaxing.

Nowadays, more and more companies are focusing and or making it as their dynamic goal to put customer’s convenience and satisfaction as the top priority to entice them to go back and shop again at them. Having a good customer service would really put you on top of everyone and will eventually be recognized by many consumers.

8 thoughts on “The Modern Life with Technology

  1. marri

    CUSTOMERS’ satisfaction should always
    be the top priority of any business to keep up
    with the ever growing demand for good service
    and high quality merchandise.

  2. Marie@Me.mirage

    OT: I somehow thought of how it was back then, we grew up afraid of policemen because the elder people use them to strike fear in us, so would dentists and doctors, I hate those people who didthat! That’s why I tell my kids they are friends and they care for us….haha. It’s really good and would be truly beneficial for kids to know about dentists and what they do, to care for their teeth as well…

  3. ralph

    i agree, people just learn ways to make how to make their patients/ customers comfortable and satisfied… Yahweh bless.

  4. lovemindanao

    true that every establishment now wish to cater all types of customer . and also making your establishment a child friendly environment is a good attraction to patrons.

  5. Jessica Cassidy

    yes! my kids are one of those kids that love to play the new technology 🙂 sometimes I have to set a timer for the three of us can use the iPad or the laptop or else…you will hear whines and temper 🙂 I have to make sure that they play age appropriate coz as you know there are websites that just pop in the pc 🙁


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