The Hardheaded Toddler

It’s been almost three months now since our son started schooling and so far he is enjoying his time at school as it was reflected on the comments of his teacher in his school diary. And there have been also improvements in his behavior as he learns to say “please”, “thank you” and “you’re welcome”. Although it is still very hard to keep him still in one place, in fact, his teacher even said that our son don’t seems to know how to walk as he is always running in the classroom. And the only thing that really needs a change is his being a hard headed toddler.

Until now, I still have to repeatedly tell him what I want him to do before he will follow my instructions. That is the aspect in his attitude that needs some drastic improvement since it’s been causing me some stress already especially during meal time. He is just a very stubborn child and very hard to handle and that he won’t listen to me to the point that I have to raise my voice before he will comply and follow what I wanted. In fact, there have been several times already that I am so irritated of him that I am no longer raising my voice but yell on him instead.

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