The Economic Uncertainties

When you talk about Asia, more often than not, Japan always comes to mind and this may be due to its overwhelming power in the industrial realm as well as the economic growth over the years on top of the other countries. Japan’s economy was the first to become industrialized while the rising Asian tigers -Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and later on China merely followed in its tracks.

But now after some natural disaster and its after effect, Japan is now steadily overtaken. Due to this, some large companies in Asia do not want to take risk and that is the reason why there is a sudden growth of inquiries for insurance quotes and services from reliable financial companies. One good thing about it is that they can now avail of it fast and easy thru the internet and other form of electronic media.

The present standing of these powerful Asian countries in terms of financial stability may change over the years or less and this depends on the leaders who always look for the progress of one’s country and not for self-gratuity. But that alone is quite a long shot either and it is still difficult to entrust everything to the politicians for we don’t know when their minds would change and that happens all the time.

8 thoughts on “The Economic Uncertainties

  1. lily

    Insurance is really a must these days for we do not know when a disaster would pop up… I hope more investors would also consider the Philippines. :p

  2. tatess

    insurance is important this days .China is now the leading Asian countries.I wonder when will the Philippines be ,let us not lose hope.

  3. aylin

    Economic growth means a chance for us to be employed on these countries. However, due to unpredictable economic crisis due to nature like what happened to Japan, us nor the politicians couldn’t tell what will happen next what we can do is to be alert and be prepared on everything, having an insurance will do.

  4. Cheska Cruz

    Through the years, things have been evolving pretty fast. The unknown Asian countries before are now responsible for providing raw and commercialized materials for other foreign countries. I hope we become more well-recognized by other nationalities for our talents and blessings. 🙂

  5. Mavin

    Japan is one powerful country. look how they managed to stand up after their defeat during the WWII. when it comes to economics, it is a fast paced world and everything can go upside down with a flick of a finger


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