The Cyber Monday Deals

It’s the first day of December and there’s no stopping for the holiday season to come. The Christmas tree is up and has been lighted already. Christmas ornaments and decors are also visible in the house while the temperature outside starts dropping every passing day. Few days back, it ranges from 17-18 degrees Celsius already at early in the morning and dusk. I noticed also that the mid-day temperatures are playing between 25 to 29 degrees and it just shows that winter is here already.

And that only means the holiday season promotions and enticing deals cannot be ignored. In fact, I have been receiving text messages from several well known brands so I can take advantage of it. Shop goers are just as eager as the retailers, so they can boost their sales during the holiday season. And in the US, many are keeping an eye in tomorrow’s cyber Monday deals and I think it is just the same as the black Friday deals that will surely draw big lines and the punishing long queue at check-out counters.

The cyber Monday deals is no difference from the others in trying to lure shoppers to spend and many believe that it is just the beginning of the holiday season discounts. Yet it could also attract potential violence among shop goers as the crowd goes bigger and bigger. Just like what happened during the Walmart black Friday deals wherein hundreds are arrested.

Image from Manro Rolaz.

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