Taking Care of the Future

I would say that the common aspect that’s in the mind of most people overseas is to have their own business in their country that could support their day to day life so they don’t have to sacrifice working far away from their family and loved ones. And that is also one of the main topics that hubby and I are discussing from time to time so we don’t have to rely more of his paycheck and that we have a source of income that we can depend on.

This is so true to one of my friend here, which is the wife of hubby’s colleague and that they already have started a family business. They are catering to rent plastic chairs and wooden tables to anyone who would want to use them for their individual events, programs or gatherings. The name of their business is “chair @ table” and so far the trend of their initial investment is still moving up as days pass by. And at the moment, they are adding some supplies to cover the growing demand of covered tables with a specific color. So they are busy canvassing for stretch table covers that have high qualities and of course not that expensive as well so it won’t hurt their pockets as well.

NB: Image from “chair @ table”.

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