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Playing Ridiculous Songs at the Camping

We just arrived from an overnight camp out by the beach last night and it was the first time that I went camping and my first time too to sleep in a tent. It was fun to experience such especially that it’s seldom that we can do it because of the long summer that we have at the same time winter is just too cold for the kids to be staying outside by the beach. I am sure that our son has enjoyed his time playing on the sand with kids from our friends and hubby’s colleagues.

And camping won’t be complete without bonfire, singing and the endless chat so to keep awake. The kids enjoyed roasting the marshmallow over the bonfire while the gents are busy with their own gigs, playing ridiculous songs with guitar. I know they enjoyed it as laughter keeps louder and louder. I wonder if the guitar they used is the same with the epiphone wildkat at guitar center. And as the night turns to dawn, it wasn’t that long for them to start hitting the sack one by one and call it a day. There were only five of them left when I woke up the following day.

It is beautiful to wake up with the sun rising in front of our tents and I did not doubt for a second that hubby will have a picture or two of it in his camera. That I will be sharing to you in my next post because it is indeed a good snapshot of the sunrise. You can also visit his blog “Snapshots as they happen” to see more of his captures which lead him to hunt for quality long range lens. He said that we also need to have one considering that our son had just started schooling and we need one if we want to document his school activities and events.

Image from wikimedia commons.