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Wild West Party Outfit

I could still remember the Halloween party that we joined that was hosted in the house of our friend which we had a difficult time looking for the costume for our son. We initially wanted to have a Wild West theme for him but since we can’t find suitable clothes for him especially the hat like the Jason Aldean Cowboy Hats. The Western attire could never be called one or completed without the hat so we abandoned the idea of dressing him up like a cowboy.

We eventually use his old Angry Birds costume that he wore during his first birthday last year. Luckily for him that the weather at that time is not that hot and humid already so he wasn’t soaked up with sweat during the party. This time also he wasn’t picky with what he’s wearing unlike when he wore it the first time last year that he kept removing it and he was so uneasy with it. The Halloween party went by without any glitch and our son (we believe) had a great time in the games and playing around with other kids older than him.

Image from wikimedia commons.