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An Update from the Interview

As early as eleven in the morning, I am already preparing for lunch so we will be ready for my interview. We left the house about five minutes past 12 noon with the scorching heat of the summer still reaches more than 40 degrees. We arrived at the interview site ten minutes before one o’clock because of the slight traffic delay that we encounter. But we could have been early if hubby took the other route at the expressway and has a direct route to the company’s location. Anyway, it wasn’t a big deal at all since I was there on time.

The interview went well and I even had a good time during the interview but was told to wait for a call for another interview appointment and this time with the big boss already. I am excited with the first outcome and I can’t wait to start working again but as we went home hubby told me some bad news if I will commit and accept the job offer. The dilemma came when they want to transfer my visa to their sponsorship and not with my husband. If that happens then I’m going to lose a lot of benefits that was provided to us from hubby’s company and the list is long if I’m going to mention it one by one.

So the following day, I made up my mind and call them to inform about my situation and if we can make some sort of compromise to keep my visa status with my husband.  But since it is their policy to transfer my visa and they cannot provide me with the benefits that I will lose so I decided to decline the job offer. Although the pay rate is quite good already but it won’t be enough to replace what we are going to lose especially the education assistant given to us. So I am now going back to square one again yet on the other hand, I might be busy too in the coming days and keep you posted with it.

Image from art education field experience.