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Performing With a Different Touch

I love music but until now I am still mystified with how violin and its cousin cello creates a mesmerizing sound with the use of a tiny string and stroke back and forth. And what really keeps my attention with its mystery is who first discover it and if the discovery was carefully planned or just merely accidental while doing something else? Right now, I don’t or should I say haven’t made a research yet of its origin and household chores and a very active toddler in the house prevents me from going farther to check it out.

I believe the bow has come a long way since its discovery and there are different styles and types that my untrained eyes have seen already. And I noticed that the violin bow at musicians friend comes in a variety of shape and kind, that you have an endless options to choice from. But at the back of my mind, I believe that every musician have their own preference of the instrument and its accessories that they are going to use when they perform. That it will become a different touch when using a different or a new instrument.