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Victoria Soto Story: Died Saving Her Students

Behind every tragedy that happened comes an amazing story of heroism. Victoria Soto, a first grade teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School risk her life and did all she could do to protect her students from harm. What happened was, she gathered her students closely into a closet at the same time putting herself in between the assailant while the gunman is shooting and spraying unknown number of bullets at them.

Loved ones and relatives close to Victoria have said that she instinctively did what she knew to do to protect her children. She called her students as her kids because she loved her students more than anything, according to her sister, Carlee. Victoria Soto died saving her students and is one incredible selfless act of bravery. Many children were saved and alive because of her heroism. And in the eyes of the parents and kids who survived in one of the most deadly school shooting in US history or perhaps to the victims of Connecticut shooting, she’s a hero.

Image from imgace.com.