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The Long Spill of Silence

It has been really awhile since the last time I have posted here. A lot of things had happened along that time and my son is almost two years old already. Pretty active little boy and with that, he oftentimes bumped and hit his head practically just anywhere in the house but mostly on the wall in our bedroom. That was his favorite playpen and all his toys are there too. He just seems not to know what “slow down” means. He is up and running the moment he wakes up in the morning and will just stop when it’s eating time already.

Anyway, to make the long story short, we (my son and me) were on vacation in the Philippines during the days when I stopped visiting and writing in this corner. We went ahead in going back to the Philippines because hubby has work and his planned vacation leave is still July yet. That is because we are planning of having Seth’s first birthday in Cebu. That will be a separate post too in the coming days. Just bear with me as I am trying to gain back my writing mode and revive this long idled blog. 

I really was planning to continue writing for this blog after our vacation (July 2011) but circumstances arise before we are even bound to return. I got a call from hubby that there’s a work waiting for me and that I have to return the soonest possible time if I want to take the job offer. And I need to start working right away if I pass the interview. I guess you know what happened next and why this blog became silent for quite a long time.