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Wearing School Uniforms Everyday

I consider myself quite lucky to have studied in private schools all throughout my school years. During Grade School and High School I wore a uniform. When I was in college, I was able to experience dressing up and expressing my individuality since I no longer wore a uniform. I remember waking up feeling excited to go to school because I’d wear my stylish clothes and shoes. Many people might agree with me that a school uniform has its advantages and disadvantages. Parents don’t have to spend so much on clothes if their kids wear uniforms. Another advantage would be that kids get used to following a rule. Getting dressed doesn’t take too long either.

However, there are also disadvantages like not being able to show one’s individuality and how it gets boring if you wear the same look every day. Furthermore, it’s hard to recognize where a certain child is located in a crowd since they’re all dressed the same. Some children may also feel uncomfortable when wearing a uniform and this may somehow affect their learning. For schools that do have uniforms, they often buy french toast uniforms for their students because it’s America’s leading brand known for its high quality and affordable prices.