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Home Improvement: TV Wall Mount

It was just so recently that we decided to move our flat screen LCD TV onto our wall since out very active son turns to what you called as terrible two. In fact, there’s no day that I don’t call his attention as he starts climbing anywhere in the house. He seems to be like Spiderman who clings on everything that he can grab on except on the wall, of course.

So, it is really now the best time to let go of the TV stand and use the wall mount and brackets just like what you can find at standsandmounts.com to prevent injuries and for the TV not to get damaged. Another reason why we are so determined to move it up on the wall because our son keeps on staying in front of the TV and we are afraid that it will affect his eye’s health or cause visual problems. At least if it’s on the wall it will not be that near comparing when it is still on its stand.

The only disadvantage that we have with our TV wall mount is that it is fixed and don’t have an articulated arm that we can use in adjusting the TV set to a different positions and its height as well. Yet we are still happy that it is already attached on the wall, not only that our living room no longer looks like the conventional living room but it became a little bit techy.