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The Gray Area That Separates Music and Noise

I may not know how to read music notes and all of its elements, like the pitch and the rhythm yet the sound and silence which forms the medium of music is still quite fascinating for my ears to hear. There may be a lot of forms on how to create music but every one of them vary according to its cultural background and social context, I suppose. Some are influenced but the gray area that separates music and noise always depends on individual preference.

And with the advent of modern technology, music has been transformed dramatically with the use of electronic effects which you often seen in guitars. Somehow, I believe that there should be a defining concept as to the best tremolo when a performer tries to lower or raise the pitch. And as to which one… that I really don’t have any idea or a single clue and I think it is better be left alone to experts as it tends have an individual interpretation.

Your type of music may not be aesthetically pleasant to hear by others and they might consider it as a noise to their ears. And it also depends by generations, eras and even by cultures. As I have said earlier, the thin line that separates music and noise if often debatable.