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The George Zimmerman Verdict

The much awaited George Zimmerman verdict for the murder and manslaughter case of Trayvon Martin a year ago came out already. Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, fatally shoots the 17-year old Martin in February 2012 but claimed that he acted defensively only. And so today, the jury has spoken out to the second-degree murder and manslaughter charges of George Zimmerman.

The Sanford, Florida jury found Zimmerman NOT GUILTY of both charges thus thousands have voiced out their anger and disappointment at Zimmerman verdict. Many staged a protest across America and some said that the verdict could be a sign of a broken legal system. Others believe that the Trayvon Martin case was a symbol of lingering racism in the United States since Martin is black and Zimmerman is white.

Whatever may be your stand of the Zimmerman verdict, I just hope that no one will be hurt of the protests and hopefully there are no violent reactions that would happen.