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Protecting Your Private Information

The laptop of my hubby is my refuge when it comes to my online activities and is the only gadget that we have in the house in accessing the internet. So it is necessary that we must take care of it if we don’t want to be cut-off from the world wide web. Having a reliable anti-virus is a most and is only one of the many things that must be in place in order to protect your personal information and the life span of your computer.

And speaking of protecting private information, you should be aware that when you delete data or format hard drive, don’t assume that the files or documents are completely erased already or no longer exist in your computer. For it only takes a basic knowledge in computer to find and recover private files even if the hard drive has been reformatted. There are a lot of available software out there that will do the trick in order to completely and permanently erase the files and documents, especially the sensitive one. Remember always to securely save or transfer your sensitive files to a separate hard drive if and when you leave your computer to the technician.

Securely wipe out the entire drive data and files then erase all remnants of deleted data is the only way that you can prevent your private information from falling into the wrong hands.

Online Blogging Opportunity

It was my hubby who opened up the door to my online opportunity and encourage me to set-up this blog. He introduced me in some writing sites that pay you a certain amount depending on the advertisers too. Every site has different way of compensating you. Some sites will cut 50% as their share while others will have a third only of the total amount that the advertiser gave.

This has exposed me also to blogger friends and stay at home moms who at the same time introduces to different direct advertisers who wants to have a space in my blog. So far, there are two ways that I am able to monetize my blog. Advertisers contacted me to write post/s in my blog with links going to a certain website or simply a copy/paste article. The latter is way too easy to do and is the reason why it offers lesser compensation than when you are the one writing a post.

There are also websites wherein you will submit your blog/s and once it meets their requirements then they’re going to send you keyword/s with a link/s for you to write. Once you’re done posting it in your blog, you then submit the link to their site and once approved, you’ll just have to wait for several days or weeks for the payment.