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Still Running Even Injured

When Seth got injured earlier this month, I was really scared but I am still fortunate enough that my husband is there to calm everything down. He is a nurse, that’s why I am confident when he checked our son. Although there was a fracture in his left collar bone but at least it is just a minor case. And despite of it we still cannot stop our son from running around and riding on his toy car even with only one arm.

And I think if he only has a toy horse, he surely will ride on the back as well even without a real english saddle on it. But I think that will not happen in the near future until he is old enough to know the difference between safety and risk prone. Right now, we are planning of getting him a bicycle instead with two supporting wheels on the side so he will not flip-over when he starts to pedal on the street outside the house.

We are also lucky that the street here in our community is safe from motorist as they respect the kids playing around. They will slow down and sometimes will stop just to let the kids cross.