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Stay Warm and Cozy

Summer is fast approaching and right now, all that’s in my mind is to go on vacation in the beach. And only one thing that comes to mind as of the moment. I want to visit the most popular Bora beach to see its powdery white sand beaches but when I brought it up with hubby, he has other plans and he don’t like the idea of staying in a crowded place like Bora because of our son. He said that it would be hard to keep an eye on him knowing how active he is.

And since it is still far away, I am hoping that hubby will change his mind for I grew up in Panay Island yet I haven’t set foot in Bora even once. What I should be doing for now is to handle the still chilly temperature outside and how I wish I have a north face womens jacket especially the light fleece as it is very handy and is perfect for whatever activity you’ll have had during the cold months. Perhaps, when we are back from our vacation in the Philippines, I will try to scout in the outdoor stores for winter jackets. For sure it will be cheaper then as it is the opposite season already.

Image from litrato ni sir rob.

The Chance to Cool Off

Two months ago, we went for almost a two-month long vacation and you know what it’s like when you are in a tropical country. I’m pretty sure that some point it came to your mind only if it is possible to keep spending your time in water. Much to it that the weather in the Philippines when we were there was hot and humid which increases your desire to have a cool environment. This is one of the reasons why I bought a plastic swimming pool for our son so he has the chance to cool off and keep his skin from immediately drying up.

And when its summer, many have gone to swimming pools and beaches, especially that there’s an abundance of sugary white sand beaches in the Philippines. Then it is also the right time to tan your body, of course with appropriate cover. And speaking of cover, the coco reef swimwear 2013 could be the ideal choice tops for many as it provides the same fit and support as your own bra. Perhaps, you wouldn’t be so conscious anymore when you wear it in one of your beach getaway.

Facing Another Long Summer Ahead

We are now officially back in reality and hubby starts working again, as if he has a choice. He’s been working now for four days since we arrived from our vacation and I think he too are still trying to settle down to the rigors of his work. For sure he has so many things to catch up with work even he was only out for four weeks. I could sense it from him even if he seldom says something of his work.

On the other hand, I could feel already the scorching heat of the summer, as if there’s a fire above my skin. Even it was still 30 minutes past seven in the morning the heat of the summer is already unbearable if you stay longer than 10 minutes under the sun. It would mean that our son will be staying more in the house again as he cannot tolerate with extreme weather that his skin dry up so fast then it become so itchy. It’s the reason why we have invested so much in his moisturizer and it is not just ordinary.

Anyway, it is still a very long summer that we will be facing and hoping that there will be less sand storm ahead of us. And that just reminded me that I still have to re-tape the whole windows and doors in the house in preparation for the sand storms.