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Broken Toy Car

Several days back, our son was forcefully pulling me towards his playing room and talking on his toddler language that I didn’t understand until he was pointing to his toy car. It was already broken and I noticed that the steering wheel was already out of its supporting column. I don’t know how it happened and how he managed to remove it from its shaft. So, I called my Handy Manny husband to check it out and if it still can be fixed.

After awhile of tinkering, he said that the spring pin was gone and it needs to be replaced to lock the steering column in place to the steering mechanism of the car. I was just listening on him but really don’t understand what those automotive jargon he was talking and the nature of its function. What I only understood is that, a sort of pin was missing that’s why the steering wheel was yanked out of place. And even though he can still use it in steering the car from left to right but it is unsafe to him already for it might unexpectedly pulled again and he could possibly fall as well. So my husband hid it in our storage room until he can find a replacement part because it is not safe to use anymore.