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An Affordable Acoustic Soundproofing

It’s a well known fact and I have been writing about it here that a close friend of hubby way back in his job at the ambulance service in Cebu is dying to get his own set of musical instrument. And he is using his online earnings to fund his first bass guitar and who knows where his passion for music will bring him forth. Maybe one day we all just caught by surprise and be stunned that he already set up his own practice room for his band.

But one thing that I am certain, he needs to insulate the room that they’re going to use so the neighbors won’t be awakened with the loud music. If that’s the case, I am just hoping that he can find cheap soundproofing foam materials nearby because they’re going to need a bunch of them to cut off the sound from going out. They are not only disturbing the entire neighborhood but more so with the kids in the house. It will become bothersome for their studies if they aren’t going to insulate it properly and with the right soundproofing materials. An egg crate foam mattress could be an affordable acoustic insulation alternative, they just have to look for the right source and supplier.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.