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Gone Those Window Shopping Days

This is just a quick post as I read an interesting article on the internet regarding charging customers if you only are window shopping in a certain store in Australia. It is indeed quite provoking to charge customers when you just walk around the shop without buying anything. And that it creates a lashing comments and reactions from every part of social media. The specialty food store in Brisbane placed a sign that goes like this:

And gone those window shopping days now as you will be charge $5 for just looking around the store but if ever you buy something then the management assures that the $5 fee will be deducted upon checking out your items. Yet that doesn’t deter people from posting in social media with straightforward messages like this one:

  1. “It has to be the most misguided strategy we’ve seen for dealing with showrooming.”
  2. “The goal of any retailer should be to impress customers with competitive pricing and great service.”
  3. “If the customers aren’t buying, the seller needs to figure out why and adapt accordingly.”
  4. “If it truly offers products that aren’t available elsewhere, then how are these showrooming shoppers buying these items from someone else?”
  5. “This store seems desperate to go out of business.”
  6. This last one seems very harsh. “If it was me, I’d say ‘Screw you.’ And not give them a dime, walk out and refuse them any future business.

So, if you happen to be around the area and see this banner/sign, what you should do then?