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Adding Several Lines of Products

Home improvement nowadays seems to have a bleak future in the house since our son started going to school mid of last month and so far the feedback from his teacher is nice and heart warming. In fact, when he came home last week, we are surprised to see that he got a special award during their Math week. And it is indeed his first award from school after a month long of schooling and we are hoping that it won’t be the last as we wanted him to learn more.

His special award is for “fantastic counting” which I am also having a separate post being a proud mom. Who wouldn’t be proud of their kids when they do something great at school, right?

Anyway, going back to the home improvement topic that was out on hold was not only merely due to our son schooling but also from the small business that I have started with my cousin. At the moment we already added several different lines of products so to have variety of choices for our customers. We are only talking advantage of the fashion boom especially that customers are no longer looking for signature and branded products as long as it is cheap and looks elegant and fashionable.

Although the competition is very dense in this growing industry, we just have to be careful on what needs to be added and knowing more of the customer’s needs which is very important whether it is for short and long term demand. And we also have to keep up and do more with customer service as I strongly believe that a satisfied customer is likely to come back and will surely make another purchase. And that will have a pyramid effect because I am sure that they’re going to tell their friends about it then it will just roll smoothly from there.