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Showing Signs of Wear and Tear

It has been almost four years since we bought the furniture in our house and having a very active son has compounded the situation even faster for it to be worn out immediately especially the sofa in the living room. In fact, in some areas of the mattress or the foam cushion are showing signs of wear and tear already. It looks like it was badly beaten up. I always saw him jumping on top of it and kicking the side arm rest when he is lying down while watching his favorite cartoon shows.

The only good thing is that, we are just fortunate that hubby’s company is providing us a furnishing allowance. And I think by the end of this month or early next year, he will be eligible already for the furniture maintenance allowance as their furniture allowance depreciates after four years. And I am just hoping that it is enough to buy a replacement considering the never ending increase in the prices of the commodities in this country in the past few years. I just remembered the time when I arrived here in 2009 wherein the price tag isn’t that too expensive. And every year since then the cost of standard of living here skyrocketed so much.