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School Bags on Wheels

Now that our son goes to school, we are hoping that we can continue sending him to school so he could learn and be molded when he grows up to face his future. Although no one knows what lies ahead of us but at least we are doing something now for his education which I believe is very important for him when he is on his own in the real world out there. And soon before we know it, he will be carrying books as thick as encyclopedias which will become another concern for us.

I cannot imagine kids bringing tons of books every day in their backpacks because in the long run it will somehow affect their health. And I think we will get something for our son that has wheels on it like a transport cart so he just have to pull it instead of carrying on his back. I’m sure there will be lots of excellent dollies that we can find in the mall and I am just hoping that it will last longer for our son. And unlike with his pants that he already out-grown them although he still can use it but it’s too obvious already that it is short for him.

We only have to make sure that it is of quality make and may not necessarily be the top brands because I’m pretty sure it will cost as a fortune for it. While at the same time, we cannot also afford to jeopardize quality just to get cheap products for it doesn’t make any sense. And probably we will end up buying another one as replacement before the school year even ends.