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The Plane Crash in San Francisco

The recent tragedy in aviation industry could be another blow to the already in limbo aircraft manufacturer issues or perhaps simply another human error problem. But until the investigation is finished then we are all left hanging to the exact cause of the San Francisco plane crash that left (as of the moment) two passengers dead and injuring more than 180.

The broken tail, landing gears and debris of Asiana Airlines flight 214 were found littered on the tarmac. The Boeing 777 Asisana flight came from Seoul, South Korea to the US has crashed at the San Francisco International Airport. And an initial report has ruled out the act of terrorism as the cause of the accident. It looks like the plane touched down tail first and short of the runway as one news channel reported it.

And I think there’s still some way to rejoice despite the plane crash in San Francisco since only two passengers are killed and there were 307 on board that plane including 16 crew members. Don’t get me wrong here, I have said rejoice not because there was a horrific event that happened but because it only caused two fatalities knowing the magnitude of the plane crash and the number of people on board.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.