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You Choose…!

Every time I watch news on TV, there’s always an accident that involves motorcycles and most of the time the situation is always serious and severe. Then investigators always pointed out that the cause relates to the motorist’s attitude while driving not only the motorcycle driver’s themselves but also the other motorists. Then it is aggravated with the improper and inappropriate use of safety helmets. That is what I saw also with almost all who rode with motorcycles especially those at the back seat.

I just hope that people will change their mindset with regards to safety and will start investing in appropriate safety helmets because it is only for their own protection as well. I believe that the likes of HJC RPHA-10 helmets because it is fitted with an advanced composite shell materials that makes it durable and lightweight without compromising the safety standards.

Most of the reasons that I hear from motorists which made them hesitant to buy this kind of helmet is the price tag yet I don’t understand why they exchange the safety of their life with the price of the helmet. My hubby will always say that if you think safety is expensive then try injury. So you choose which one is the best.

Image from compacc.com.