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Riding in the School Bus

The first two weeks of our son’s school went by so fast and as you have known it already, he is still quite very active. And with that, he became popular to his teachers. But popular in a different way though. His name is always the mouth of his teachers as they try to pacify him to follow instructions and most importantly listen to them when instructed to do so.

The second week in school was different as it starts at eight in the morning and will end at 11:30. They now have three hours and a half but we still have to drop them off and pick up outside the classroom. Lucky for hubby his duty at work is not affected by our son’s timetable at school and hopefully by the third week the school bus is available. Though at the same time I am also uncomfortable letting him ride in the bus not for safety reason but because he is so active and is running all the time.

On the other hand, there was a parent meeting on the fourth day before the week ends which I have attended while hubby is watching over our son. So far, I still can’t see any big improvement in our son’s behavior as he still not listening to me though he knows now how to say please every time he needs something. And perhaps the only thing that I saw differently from him is that he now learns to share his toys with others but not all the time yet.

While the third week starts with him riding the school bus for the first time. And I am just glad that he rode in the school bus without any problem at all and he even likes it. He even told his father with so much interest that he is riding in the school bus in going to school and coming back home. Then he’ll run towards the window every time he hears the horn of the bus and you’ll see the excitement on his face. I’m sure he is enjoying his time riding in the school bus.