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Going For a Relaxing Vacation

I think, now is the time to take rest and seek refuge in the tropical climate as summer starts looming as the month of April started moving along. In fact, it is now a little bit bright and glary at six in the morning and that is one of the sign that summer is here. The temperature also has rises to 35 degrees Celsius already. And another signal that the long burning summer is imminent is the shifting of the rays of the sun to the small plot of garden that we have at the backyard. It has somehow helped the veggies that I planted from growing bigger and better as it receives more sunlight.

So a relaxing vacation by the beach in one of the powdery white sand island in the Philippines would be a nice treat to cool down from the scorching hot summer or even at the pool is quite enough already. And indulging yourself of a freshly picked watermelon is another way to keep thirst away and well at least make your throat feel moist but more to it is to keep you hydrated. But your journey to stay away from health and medical related issues during summer especially that you are constantly exposed to the radiant of the sun is not only sunburn but a potential skin cancer if you aren’t going to protect your skin with appropriate sun protections.