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The Exciting Pinewood Derby

When my nephew signed up to be a cub scout, he was bursting with excitement even more so when he got his uniform. I asked him why he was so happy and thrilled, and he quickly replied that he was looking forward to all the camping and the Pinewood Derby. Just like any young boy, he’s fond of fancy cars and putting together stuff. The Pinewood Derby which is a racing event for Cub Scouts in the Boy Scouts of America would be a good venue to show off what he can do. Who knows he might even win. The dynamics of the race is fairly simple. The cub scouts, with their parents’ help, build their own cars from wood, usually from kits containing a block of pine, metal axles, and plastic wheels.

There are many cub scouting events but the Pinewood Derby remains to be one of the most popular since it has been around for decades. Another thing that the kids are looking forward to is winning a trophy. There are actually websites where you can order trophies. The quicktrophy.com for pinewood derby trophies comes in different styles, designs, and height, from the simple 4″ economy trophies to the 35″ Pinewood Championship Trophy. The cub scouts will definitely love to win those cute trophies.