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Another Senseless Loss of Life

It was shocking to learn the fate of the nurse who was the subject of a prank call when the Duchess of Cambridge was admitted in the hospital with severe morning sickness. Initial reports said that the nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, committed suicide the day after the prank call was made and publicized. Many believe that she suffered a lot of stress upon knowing that it wasn’t the Queen of England and the Duke of Edinburgh who called her.

There are mixed emotions and contrasting ideas of who’s to blame for the death of Jacintha Saldanha from the apparent suicide. When the news came out that she was dead, online social media outcry keep pouring and calling the Australian DJ’s to step down from their job. It was again another tragic and nonsensical loss of life caused by a senseless prank call. And another depressing story that was reported is that her ailing mother in India is not even aware and had no idea that her daughter is already dead.

I’m not sure if someone should really be blamed or should anyone take responsibility of her death despite the fact that the prank call probably has caused a lot of strain to her life and her job as well, knowing that she was working in a royal hospital.