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The Hardheaded Toddler

It’s been almost three months now since our son started schooling and so far he is enjoying his time at school as it was reflected on the comments of his teacher in his school diary. And there have been also improvements in his behavior as he learns to say “please”, “thank you” and “you’re welcome”. Although it is still very hard to keep him still in one place, in fact, his teacher even said that our son don’t seems to know how to walk as he is always running in the classroom. And the only thing that really needs a change is his being a hard headed toddler.

Until now, I still have to repeatedly tell him what I want him to do before he will follow my instructions. That is the aspect in his attitude that needs some drastic improvement since it’s been causing me some stress already especially during meal time. He is just a very stubborn child and very hard to handle and that he won’t listen to me to the point that I have to raise my voice before he will comply and follow what I wanted. In fact, there have been several times already that I am so irritated of him that I am no longer raising my voice but yell on him instead.

How to Ease the Fears of Your Kids

I was reading a newspaper today when I stumbled into an article on how to comfort your child if and when they are scared of the dark. This just reminds me of our son when at some point when he turns two years old and until almost three that he is also afraid of the dark. Yet I cannot remember what we have done to pacify him of his fear of the dark but it looks like that he had overgrown that fear somehow.

Anyway, if your child has this kind of fears then the Cleveland Clinic suggests a few steps to ease the fears and help comfort your kids. Here’s what they have suggested when your child is scared of the dark:

  • Talk to the child about these fears, and ask what he or she is afraid of. Reassure the child that he or she is perfectly safe.
  • Explain to your child that mythical creatures are not real.
  • Comfort your child in his or her own bed, rather than bringing a child into your bed.
  • Make sure the pre-bedtime routine is light and happy without any frightening books or movies.
  • Let your child have security items and a nightlight for comfort, and reward your child with small treats and plenty of praise.

I just want to reiterate that the above mentioned five possible solutions is not mine and was only reposted to disseminate and for information purposes in order to help parents find solutions and alternative ways to help their kids feel comfortable and live without fear of the dark anymore.

Image from wikimedia commons.