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What You Need to Know About OTC Cold Medicines

When children get sick, many parents are still unsure or confused whether to give medicine to their kids or not because it is always a big deal when talking about their health. This is very common and so true to parents whose children have cold symptoms. And the worse thing is that, I often saw them coming in the medical center demanding for antibiotics. Some even would self medicate their kids either with old prescribed medicines or coming from their other siblings. More so, that there’s a large sections of “Over-the-Counter Cold Medicines” in supermarkets and pharmacies thus making it easier to get one.

So here’s what you need to know about OTC Cold Medicines.

The FDA recommends not giving them to children 2 years and younger while the American Academy of Pediatrics is against using them since it is ineffective in children younger than 6 years old. And many pediatricians would say so that there’s little evidence that OTC cold medicines can really help with cold symptoms. Instead, you are just exposing your child to a higher risk of overdosing and the potential life threatening side effects, especially in children less than 2 years.

But if your children are really fussy and irritable with cold symptoms and high fever then it is best to pay your kid’s pediatrician a visit because they know what’s best for your sick little one. If none of the above mentioned symptoms are present and you’re still itching of giving your child with OTC cold medicines then here’s your guide from the article of Dr. Kristen Danielson.

  • Review the “active” ingredients listed on the box, making sure that two medicines don’t share some of the same active ingredients if you are giving more than one medicine. A good example is someone giving a “cold medicine” along with Tylenol: Sometimes a cold medicine will actually contain acetaminophen, which is Tylenol—and giving double the dose would be dangerous.
  • Note that a low-grade fever that doesn’t appear to bother a child does not need any medicine.
  • Cool drinks, popsicles, ice cream, etc., may help with a sore throat. And some people really do get sore-throat relief by gargling warm salt water.
  • Remember that antibiotics do not and cannot cure a cold.

Disclosure: The information provided here is not a substitute for a professional advice from appropriate licensed medical practitioners, which is highly recommended.

Image from familymedicinehealthcare. Repost from hubby’s blog.