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Free Blogger Opportunity With Referral Incentive: $50 PayPal Giveaway by Geshery

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Sheryl, the blogger behind GEORYL: Welcome to Our World and who is also known in the blogosphere as Techie She and WAHWM, recently launched another website called Geshery Online. To celebrate this milestone in her blogging career, she will be hosting the $50 Paypal Giveaway by Geshery and invites you to join as a co-host of this contest.

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The Fairy Hobmother

Since I started blogging, at hubby’s hustling, I have learned a lot of things and ways how to earn online. And while I’m watching him visiting sites after the other, I could not help myself but to read some of the blog entries and it made me so interested to join the bandwagon of bloggers who want to be visited by this mysterious online fairy. He has given lots of bloggers across the globe with what they wished for and I am hoping that one day I will received my own surprise gift from him.

What made it very interesting is that the Fairy Hobmother (that’s what he was called) asks nothing more than spreading the joy and happiness that everyone have experienced so others can experience as well. Many have said that by leaving comments to as many blogs as you can, would lead you to get his attention and who knows one of these days you will be the next lucky blogger. But as for me, I am still waiting for that chance that he will pass by so I will know what it’s like to be showered with his blessings.

Online Blogging Opportunity

It was my hubby who opened up the door to my online opportunity and encourage me to set-up this blog. He introduced me in some writing sites that pay you a certain amount depending on the advertisers too. Every site has different way of compensating you. Some sites will cut 50% as their share while others will have a third only of the total amount that the advertiser gave.

This has exposed me also to blogger friends and stay at home moms who at the same time introduces to different direct advertisers who wants to have a space in my blog. So far, there are two ways that I am able to monetize my blog. Advertisers contacted me to write post/s in my blog with links going to a certain website or simply a copy/paste article. The latter is way too easy to do and is the reason why it offers lesser compensation than when you are the one writing a post.

There are also websites wherein you will submit your blog/s and once it meets their requirements then they’re going to send you keyword/s with a link/s for you to write. Once you’re done posting it in your blog, you then submit the link to their site and once approved, you’ll just have to wait for several days or weeks for the payment.

How To Make Money Online…

Being a stay at home mom is not that easy especially when you have a naughty 7 month old (actually he is less than a week of becoming 8 month old) boy who also started to walk around with the help of his walker.
He’s been grabbing anything that he can reach along the way while roaming around the house.

And while he is enjoying his new found hobby, he will eventually lost track of time that he sometimes fell asleep on his walker.

When taking care of your little child, you also have the opportunity to check around the net some opportunity and ways how to make money. Yes, it is true that there is money in the internet if you just know how to find them. There are plenty of ways to earn and making more money online but let me tell you first hand that it is not a get rich quick scheme. In fact, it takes some time, months or a couple of years before you are able to appreciate that you are starting to earn substantial amount. There are a lot of works available to do and you just need to consider your skills and the time you can spend online then your income at home starts to roll.

The pretty obvious is to make money blogging but that alone is quite tricky as well. You can also work as a virtual assistant, data entry specialist, freelance writer, web developer and many more. There are many legit websites out there offering jobs like SponsoredReviews.com, Blogsvertise.com, Tasksworkers.biz, Freelancer.com, Microworkers.com to name a few. There are websites also that you can submit your original content whether it is a short story, poem, articles, photos and videos then you’ll earn passive income.
Working online while at home is a lot easier because you don’t need to wake up early and drive to work most especially, you are your own boss. Much more that you can work comfortably in our own house with your comfortable pajamas at your own time. I have known a lot of people that are earning and making more money online, that include myself. Although it is not easy at first but when you know the way around, it will be a lot easier then.