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Off to the Movie House

We went out yesterday afternoon after hubby came from work to go to the movie house. But it’s not the regular thing that you are thinking or expect because what we watched isn’t a love story or an action movie. We were in the movie house because of our son and we’re watching the Tarzan cartoon movie. And I am laughing at him when the movie has started because he will stand on his seat and would act as if he’s going to jump every time when Tarzan leaps and jumps. He is imitating what Tarzan is doing in the movie.

I’m pretty sure he is enjoying the movie on the big screen. I think this isn’t the last one and I’m sure there will be more to come especially now that he starts going to school. The only thing with him is that he is scared with live mascots and he will hide in our back. But as long as it won’t move then he will be happy to be around and playing. In fact, he was posing beside the Jollibee mascot when we were in Cebu, as if he was having a good time.