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North Korea had Moved Missile to East Coast

As the nuclear crisis escalates and the never ending North Korea threat of targeting their Southern neighbor and its US allies, has warned that it was ready to strike with cutting-edge ballistic missiles, according to reports. Although it did not name any targets but it is very clear where those missiles will land since they had moved its missiles to the east coast which the South believed that it could be another missile tests if not a nuclear strike.

The South Korea and the US are conducting a joint military exercise that includes the B2 bombers and F-22 jet fighters. The former has flown over the Korean Peninsula directly from the US mainland during the said joint military exercises. Although many analysts believe that North Korea doesn’t have the capability nor has a missile that is powerful enough to deliver nuclear warhead to the mainland US but the Pentagon are not taking it lightly as they are preparing to fast track the deployment of its advanced missile defense system to Guam.

The rising tensions can possibly become a full scale war as North Korea threatened to close the last remaining connection of inter-Korean cooperation, the Kaesong industrial complex. The days are numbered now as North Korea continued issuing warnings and next week is very crucial as to what kind of development will happen.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.