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Habemus Papam: We Have a Pope

The news has reverberates when the chimney at the Sistine Chapel emits a while smoke during the second day of the Papal conclave. And the Roman Catholics have a new pope and many are shouting “Habemus Papam”. Many are anxiously waiting for the announcement at the St. Peter Square and millions are in front of the TV to watch who will be the next pope.

It is the traditional announcement given in Latin upon the election of a new pope selected by the College of Cardinals. The cardinals will use white paper to vote for a new pope, white smoke will be seen signaling that a new pope has been elected while black smoke means that the candidate hasn’t received two-thirds vote. The black smoke that emits came from by burning the ballot along with wet straw and chemical additives.

The supreme pontiff of Roman Catholic is Jorge Mario Bergoglio who chooses the papal name Francis. He is the first Jesuit priest and the first non-European to become pope in 1,272 years. As a pope, he will be the leader of the Catholic Church and Sovereign of the Vatican City State. He is 76 years old who hails from Argentina and was appointed by the late Pope John Paul II.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.