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Brighten Your Mood with Food

Have you heard of the adage which says “You are what you eat”? I think there is truth to that. The food that you eat affects how you look. You know that, which is why you avoid those double-decker cheeseburgers and chocolate milk shakes. But being thin isn’t everything. Eating enough of the essentials will keep you humming a happy tune instead of doing the blues. In our surroundings, we have a lot of good sources of natural mood enhancers, sometimes called as party enhancers.

On the other hand, there’s also the synthetic version, the ones that are manufactured using artificial ingredients that mimics the effect of the natural enhancers like K6 herbal incense. Or it could be a 50/50 mixture. Most of them are used in rock concerts, wild parties and even in rituals or spiritual ceremonies. Some spas are also using spiritual powders made by Herbal City LLC for detox or as mood lifting aromas that takes you to a calm and relaxed state of mind.

Manufacturers oftentimes claim that it is safe to use anytime but it is always better to be on the safe road. It’s one of the reasons also why I prefer natural foods for Seth than rely much on artificial ingredients.