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Piano Lesson for Our Son

Every time we go to the church, my son wanted to play some instruments like drums, cymbals and piano. And I was thinking of enrolling him in some musical lessons here in our place. When I heard from our neighbor that her daughter was enrolled in a piano lesson few months ago, I went to their house together with our son to ask her mom about the details and some information. And it’s when I saw her daughter playing with a keyboard which looks like the kawai keyboard that I’ve seen in the internet and which her mom bought recently in a musical store.

She played very well and my son also enjoyed watching her.  Sometimes she let my son play on her keyboard which he loved it very much. I told our neighbor that I also wanted to enroll my son and asked her of the fee of piano lesson. I took aback when I heard her answers and I was thinking of immediately looking for another teacher. For the reason that the fee of around 900 PHP is I think a little bit expensive. But since we are planning for a vacation sometime mid of this year in the Philippines, I’m thinking of looking for a piano class in our city and enroll my son there considering of the price and quality of teaching.  If my son knows about my plan, I’m pretty sure he will be more excited about our vacation but I won’t be depriving him also of what kids at his age be doing and not just the piano lesson for him.

Image from wikimedia commons.