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Complement the Performance

The common issue that you always encounter when you start buying gadgets and instruments, no matter what it is, is the never ending temptation to buy its corresponding accessories. It may not be right there and then but still it is one of those coming days. Although I must admit too that some accessories are indeed a necessary add on in order to complement the performance or simply for your own convenience. Like those who are still leaning their guitars against the wall. Then the musicians gear guitar stand at guitar center is probably what you are looking and aspiring to have. Nonetheless, it is really expensive when you start building your own arsenal of gadgets and instruments but I think it is worth the money you spent especially when you are enjoying your hobby.

Bass Bridge Mount

My desire to be able to play a guitar one day is a well known fact that I’ve been putting it into words here in my previous posts. The only thing that’s holding me is the responsibility in the house and our very active son. More to it that hubby has no inclination anymore in spite of his yearning to learn as well. This eventually has put me back in knowing more about the guitar itself and its features. Add to it the technological advancements that have been going around in the past decade.

I wouldn’t have known the different cool bass bridges out there and that it was called so. And technology indeed, made everything sophisticated yet many are still so simple to use despite the advancements. And the recent models of bass bridges already features variable string spacing adjustment that said to have a better versatility and fine intonation.

The Spirit of Appalachian Music

Little I have known that in the string family instruments there’s what you called “Dulcimer”. My ignorance in this type of musical instrument just shows how small my knowledge when it comes to instruments that produce sound from vibrating strings. And according to Wikipedia, Dulcimer is a fretted string instrument of the zither family with three or four strings. It is typically played laying flat on the lap then pluck the strings.

Despite the fact that I have limited know-how about Dulcimer, yet I found its design and form of its body so interesting and unique from the other stringed instruments as it has no neck at all. It is also regarded as the easiest string instruments to learn which isn’t as hard to remember as daylight saving time. And so if this has caught your interest then you better check the dulcimers from musicians friend so you be able to experience the spirit of Appalachian mountain music.

Rare Earth Element

It’s been awhile since the last time we heard from hubby’s friend who is into music and is indeed a music minded person. I’m pretty sure he can readily talk about the great fishman rare earth pro rep 102 soundhole pickup with relative ease and comfort as he has broad knowledge concerning music instruments. As I search about it, it is thought to be quieter and more articulate acoustic guitar amplification that I suitable for beginners.

It also features a powerful cutting edge neodymium magnet that is responsible for the excellent sound quality that is warmer and more naturally acoustic tone. And it is a user-friendly gadget as it can easily be installed. You can immediately use it right out of the box just like plug and play with it.

Exposing Your Kids in Musical Instruments

A several days back, there were loud noises coming from our neighbor that I am sure coming from musical instruments. And it was only yesterday that I’ve learned that they are practicing for the activity in the coming birthday of their son. I think I heard them playing the whole set of band instruments since their children have different instruments that they like. His youngest son is playing the drums and I think it is an electric drum while the youngest daughter had a passion in guitar.

I saw her several times already practicing with an acoustic guitar. I wonder if she already knows how to fine tune it. Although I may not be so inclined with any musical instruments but I think there are available standard guitar tuning machine in the market that they can purchase so they could be guided for the accurate tuning. On the other hand, I just hope that our son will have an inclination to learn at least one or two musical instrument when he is older enough to handle them. Maybe a few more years from now we will expose him with them if he likes it.