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Performing With a Different Touch

I love music but until now I am still mystified with how violin and its cousin cello creates a mesmerizing sound with the use of a tiny string and stroke back and forth. And what really keeps my attention with its mystery is who first discover it and if the discovery was carefully planned or just merely accidental while doing something else? Right now, I don’t or should I say haven’t made a research yet of its origin and household chores and a very active toddler in the house prevents me from going farther to check it out.

I believe the bow has come a long way since its discovery and there are different styles and types that my untrained eyes have seen already. And I noticed that the violin bow at musicians friend comes in a variety of shape and kind, that you have an endless options to choice from. But at the back of my mind, I believe that every musician have their own preference of the instrument and its accessories that they are going to use when they perform. That it will become a different touch when using a different or a new instrument.

More Encouraging Words from School

It has been two months now since our son started schooling and we are glad that he is enjoying his nursery days. His teacher also has confirmed it in his school diary that our son has made so much progress since then. It is nice to know that there’s such a big improvement when he interact with other kids of his age although I still struggled in getting him to eat every morning before going to school. In fact, and most of the time, it will take more than 30 minutes just for him to take in several spoonfuls.

His school activities somehow will make our day as we received more encouraging words from his teacher every now and then. He learned a lot of counting songs already although they aren’t taught yet of musical instruments but I think the mel bay instruction book could somehow be a valuable study material for guitar beginners. It has been said that it is the most comprehensive approach to contemporary guitar mastery from beginner guitarist to advanced method and could take a big leap in your guitar skills.

Enjoying the Company of Other Kids

As our son grows bigger and bigger and as he starts to interact with kids of his age, he learns to beat a drum in the church. And I think he loves the drum, at least at this stage. But I think that it is also good that he will learn to play the other musical instruments and not concentrate entirely on one. Many experts say that exposing kids to different instruments will help them become sensitive listeners as it has its own distinct and unique tone.

But as of the moment, I will just let him enjoy the company of other kids and I am just hoping that the will be able to attend school in the next school year this coming September. I want him to learn how to interact properly with other kids and who knows, we might wake up one day and the next thing he wants is to play musical instruments. And we might one day add a variety of percussion instruments in his play room and the collection of Orff Instruments at WWBW could be the best solution so we won’t looking any further.

Making Music Production a Lot Easier

Music production nowadays are becoming easier and faster and that’s because of the help of modern technology. It made almost every process with great speed and before you knew it, it’s already in store selling like pancakes but of course the last part, I am just exaggerating. Yet the result really is better than before that the pace of making music is indeed breathtaking and it has, I think, more benefit than any advantage. That if there’s one that I know of.

And nonetheless, there are lots of secrets that the not so musically inclined listener would determine, just like the new overdrives that can be used as booster that won’t compromise the sound of the amplifier. At least, that’s what a friend of mine has told me and that is just one part. Like the maxon od808 at guitar center is one of those that would give the tone of your instrument the performance that everyone is looking. That in the end will give you a sparkling presentation that everyone will envy. Well, that is just my own opinion and perhaps I might be wrong either considering that I am one of those not so musically talented people.

An Affordable Acoustic Soundproofing

It’s a well known fact and I have been writing about it here that a close friend of hubby way back in his job at the ambulance service in Cebu is dying to get his own set of musical instrument. And he is using his online earnings to fund his first bass guitar and who knows where his passion for music will bring him forth. Maybe one day we all just caught by surprise and be stunned that he already set up his own practice room for his band.

But one thing that I am certain, he needs to insulate the room that they’re going to use so the neighbors won’t be awakened with the loud music. If that’s the case, I am just hoping that he can find cheap soundproofing foam materials nearby because they’re going to need a bunch of them to cut off the sound from going out. They are not only disturbing the entire neighborhood but more so with the kids in the house. It will become bothersome for their studies if they aren’t going to insulate it properly and with the right soundproofing materials. An egg crate foam mattress could be an affordable acoustic insulation alternative, they just have to look for the right source and supplier.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.