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The Best MP3 Player

When I moved abroad four years ago to be with my husband, it is where I saw how the electronic gadgets evolve and one thing that is very noticeable among them, it is so easy to get outdated. A new model of high tech gadgets will come out on the display stand just several months from the time you bought the first generation. Like your new music player today that can store more than a thousand songs could somewhat become only a fraction of the storage capacity with the latest model. Maybe the best rca mp3 player at musicians friend presently will become outdated in six months time.

And I understand now why hubby won’t be tempted to get the first generations of any electronic gadgets because he knows that there will be another model coming. He also said that it is always best to buy the succeeding models because the unexpected and the usual glitch in the first model will now be fixed and available. And another lesson that I learned is to just wait for several months before buying any particular electronic gadgets because the price will surely go down abruptly.

Image from wikipedia.