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Music and Modern Technology

Playing musical instruments in the modern society has come a long way from where it was before. It does not only transform how to produce music but it also modifies the performer’s competence on the stage. What I’m trying to say is that, nowadays, it is already so common to see singers performing without a mic stand. That is so true to singers who at the same time playing with guitars while performing on stage.

Technology, of the most part, has really made things easier when used appropriately and wisely yet it just seems that everything has its own drawback if and when abused. And it is quite fascinating indeed to use and apply it in your daily lifestyle. In fact, it has changed a lot of life already since its inception, may it be bad or good, right or wrong. Just like hubby’s friend who are saving to buy a guitar with the use of his online earnings. Although he is still far from the target goal but at least he is moving towards his dream even if it is slow in pace.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.

Assembling a Musical Entertainment Room

Apart from the fact that hubby’s friend of owning his own guitar from his online earnings is still far from realization as he became busy with his offline related business and with family matters as well. Yet I am pretty much sure that when it is finished, there will be another project looming at the side. And since the next important thing after the guitar is the amplifier then I am sure he will be saving again for it. Although I am not really familiar with it yet I have read some good feedback about mf fishman loudbox.

Nevertheless, it would really complement in his musical instrument collection as he is planning of assembling a music entertainment room for it is his hobby. And I am pretty sure also that, this plan would take more years to unfold considering the pace of his earning potentials and if he won’t change his intent of only using the earnings that he will get from his online opportunities.

Modern Day Tech Gadgets

As the world has gone into digital age and so does all around us co-exist with the new innovations. That also includes the music recording environments who adopted modern day tech gadgets and software to easily produce and come up with impressive results. Nowadays, it is so common to see modern music equipment and instruments in recording studios and perhaps gone now from time immemorial those out-of-date.

And just like the midi pedalboard from musicians friend that lets you control any module or MIDI keyboard with your feet. It is also believe to be a useful onstage lighting controller so you can have free hands for other tasks that you can do. And since change is inevitable, aspiring and newbie should learn how to adapt with modern equipment and instruments.

Delivered at Your Doorstep

Our son has been exposed to the drums from the time he knows how to walk alone and every time when we went to the church and in fact, he has been beating the drumheads enthusiastically without him knowing. He is not exposed yet in guitar because what was in the church is electric guitar that is quite extremely sophisticated with a price tag that can deepen our finances already.

Although it can easily be replaced because of the technological advancement but its cost will significantly change our monthly expenses. And nowadays, it is no longer hard to find what you believe is the best banjo for kids because of the internet. You can now get what you desire by just a click of the mouse and it can even be delivered at your doorstep at no extra cost from you. Not to mention that you can even do it at the comfort of your own house.

What He Wants To Pursue

It’s been awhile now since we arrived here from our vacation that hubby and his close friend in Cebu hasn’t talk about the business that they are planning. I am not sure if it’s gonna be materialized although at the back of my mind, I think it seems feasible and that it will push through when the right time comes.

On the other hand, I always remember hubby’s friend as a person who is fond of musical instruments and sound percussion is one of it which reminds me again that probably our son is interested as well. That being said, I often times noticed him going at the back of the drums and actually sit and play with it in several occasions after the church service. Now I can imagine that one day I will be looking to get a new set of percussion instruments and someday the house will become a hangout for practice session.

I am hoping that he won’t get that far although at the moment I am not sure yet of what he wants to pursue when he grows up. He just turn 3 years old last week and he already had that interest in his mind or perhaps was it just his curiosity. But if that’s what he wants then we have no choice but to support him.