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The Marching Band Competition

I love to hear songs and sing through karaoke from time to time but since our soon has entered what they called the terrible two stage then it is hard to find spare time because we don’t have someone to help us do domestic work. And one time when our son was asleep, I happen to watch a movie about marching band competition and how fiercely it was being competed from various prominent schools in the US. The competition is so intense that they aren’t up to the price money at all but instead of the pride and honor that they get and to the school itself as well.

With its growing popularity, the champions earn the distinction of respect from other schools for a year before they face each other again in the next competition. Aside from just performing, they are also judged in the kind of uniforms that they wear that symbolizes the school or organization’s identity on it. And perhaps some of them probably got their marching band uniforms at WWBW since they are one of the most trusted and has good reputation when it comes to marching band instruments, gear and its accessories.