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The Process of Losing Weight

I’ve been blogging and advocating about healthy balanced diet and some practical weight loss tips and that everyone should not expect to lose weight overnight. The process of losing weight the right way is not that easy yet it’s not that hard as you think it is. We just have to look into the right combination of diet and workout regimen whether it is high intensity or low intensity. And recently, there have been a bunch of weight loss camp coming out in order to deter boredom, as replacement in going to a routine workout in the gym.

We all know and statistics have shown that most of those who lost interest in continuing their workout are due to the lack of determination from the start. Repetitive regimen is another factor that might lead into discontinuing the whole program itself. And a fitness retreat to break that monotony might be the good solution and perhaps the only way to shed that excess flab in a healthy manner.

A weight loss retreat is what I’m talking about because the four walls of the gym could be a humdrum but being in nature and making changes in the environment should help you attain your desired weight and losing inches in your waist. But don’t forget that losing weight and getting rid of the unwanted fats is not just about training and food but also having a good rest is important as well. A relaxing environment will add to a restful sleep and in regaining your strength and endurance.

Image from wikimedia commons. Reposted from hubby’s blog.

Eating in Portion during Vacation

Summer is just around the corner as I could feel already the heat of the sun at mid morning when I water the plants. Although it is still chilly at early morning and late afternoon and the temperature could still drop at 15 degrees Celsius at night. Yet I am adamant of the weather condition next month especially that we are planning of going on vacation.

But what really bothers me more is the possibility of eating too much for I know there are so many good foods in the Philippines. And I am sure I will gain an extra pound when go back after the vacation because even right now I am already craving for the foods that I want to eat. Much more that there are a lot of fiesta celebrations going on in the whole month of May and I think I will bring with me a portion control bowls so I could at least limit what I can put in my mouth. I know for sure that it is hard to resist especially when there are occasions to celebrate. Yet, I believe that if I have done it before, I’m sure I could still do limit what I will eat or perhaps eat in portions.