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Early Summer Plans

Every time someone brought up the topic about summer, one thing that everyone will have in their mind is to go to the beach or pool so they can soak and be away from the blistering heat. And it is one of the many reasons why families wants to have a pool at their backyard but getting one nowadays won’t come that cheap. Not to mention also the maintenance aspects of the pool itself, so you should plan it well before you embark in this kind of plan for it might become a long term affair.

So choose wisely which company you are going to hire for your backyard pool to take shape and the likes of pentair pool products provides a high performance and reliable aquatic equipment. As I have and always been saying that customer service is of paramount importance for you won’t get any headache when it comes to servicing and maintenance. It is also easier to contact them if ever you want to upgrade something. And once you have decided, take into consideration also the maintenance costs especially the electrical consumption if you want to it look a little bit cozy.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.

When It Rain, It Pours

I read in a newspaper two years back about the four school girls from Malhiao Elementary School in Badian, Cebu, Philippines who returned a cash worth 50K pesos found at the back of their school. Instead of keeping it to them, knowing that it’s a hell lot of money to spend considering the laid back lifestyle of the area, they handed it over to a teacher and was then turned over to a local police.

Because of their honesty, the provincial government commended their action and the young girls have been given a reward for such a noble action. Each of them received a plaque of commendation, 10K pesos, a sack of rice, noodles and school supplies.

And because of the good deeds they have displayed and in order to set a good example for others to follow, they each received more rewards. This time a plaque of honesty, 3K pesos and the best that everyone dreamed of, a college scholarship in Metro Cebu.

The Hardship of Modern Life

One of the most common concerns around the world today that needs to be addressed is unemployment. Every year, thousands and thousands of students finished their studies in their respective fields yet end up being idle and if not, they end up working in industries that are not related to their profession just to have a job to sustain their daily living. Some government are not doing anything much about this, they could have built more establishments to generate more jobs or offer livelihood programs to the community.

One could only imagine the complexities of investment that makes it wise to seek advice from financial advisors or inquire for government programs on entrepreneurship. This is also another way of addressing this concern. They may open up their own enterprise in electronics, human resources, food industry, transportation, advertising and other business areas that they are well equipped in terms of skills and knowledge in handling the respective business. They could also invest in insurance policies that offer savings accounts but even that is still a rough road ahead considering the hardship in sustaining the daily expenses that most of the time are living from paycheck to paycheck.

On the other hand, it’s not about what you know that will give you assurance to land a decent job but it is also about “whom” you know that keeps you ahead from the rest.